LASSO, Latin American Studies Student Organization

Welcome! ¡Bienvenido!

LASSO is an SDSU student organization that is open to all grade levels and disciplines. Its members are active not just in academics but in advocacy, activism, art, community service and all other arenas that raise awareness and knowledge of LAS-related topics, activities and events in San Diego and beyond.

Our purpose: to gain an understanding of Latin America’s place in many academic disciplines as well as to enhance the student experience in their various degree programs through exploring the cultures and influences of Latin America.

Latin America is a region. It is a concept. It is a symbol. It is a place and a notion that exist both geographically and ideologically, tangible yet not and ever-changing yet concrete, like the ancient ruins that freckle its weary and wary landscape. For these reasons and so many others, Latin American Studies is an academic realm unlike any other, and much like the region that governs its title; it is in constant flux and perpetual motion.

From its rightful name, to its true foundations, to its unfathomable future, Latin American Studies defies a definitive lineage, so like many before us and the many to come, we the members and supporters of SDSU's LAS Student Organization are no more and no less than moving parts in the evolution of Latin American Studies, and will contribute toward its future as we see it, painted by our own perspectives and textured by our own beliefs. It is only through diversity in methods of exploration that we can achieve something akin to full understanding.

Take a glance through our website to find out more about us and our activities. Remember, it is our diverse student membership that makes our organization flourish: we hope you’ll join as the next LASSO member!